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Cocoon is an essay on locking in. The term is described in the dictionary as the ‘retreat from stressful conditions of public life into the cozy private world’. The act of cocooning is often seen as a negative trend, where individuals are becoming more antisocial and sedentary, surrounding themselves in the comfort of homes and keeping away from the shared life.


At the same time, the act of cocooning can be revitalizing. To feel at ease with oneself, to meditate about our daily lives, and to learn how to enjoy our own company so that we can step outside much renewed, and more loyal to our thoughts and feelings.


Also, being able to share our private lives with our beloved ones demonstrates a will of coexisting, and waging affectionate relations that are different than the encounters we face on the streets.


All the photos were taken with Kodak Eastman Double-X 35mm cinema film rewinded in 24 exposures rolls. It is a way of shaping reality in the intimate atmosphere we see in fiction movies.

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